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Voicemail Dump Truck 66 – Giant Bomb



WE ARE ALL A BUNCH OF JEFFS and we figure out how to be sad!

If you think GIant Bombcast spends too much time talking about non-video games, you’re going to hate this thing.

Apr 27, 2023

Cast: Jeff Grubb, Dan, JERF

Posted By: Jan

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Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 Review



Guardians of the Galaxy 3 opens in theaters on May 5, 2023.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 offers a rare thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: a satisfying trilogy finale. While the Guardians series will likely continue in some way, writer/director James Gunn ties this iteration of the team to the same humor and soul as the first two, but this time adds unexpected darkness in the form of a truly unsettling origin. Rockets. story. That’s what makes this somewhat amusing but mostly engaging triquel such an emotionally charged comic book movie.

A lot has happened to Guardians since Part 2 was released in 2017; the original Gamora died, the previous version of Gamora survived, and Peter Quill and Mantis found out they were siblings. However, Gunn deftly turns this tangled tangle of MCU lore threads into a hell of a fun yarn. This movie has all the goofy dialogue and jokes you’d expect, but it has a much more dramatic tone, which is a welcome change after the second movie had characters breathlessly laughing at their own jokes.

Turns out there was a good reason Rocket never really shared his past. He was created by the power-obsessed super-scientist known as the High Evolutionary and subjected to horrific abuse, and it’s in a series of harrowing flashbacks that we come to a whole new understanding of Rocket and Bradley Cooper’s always excellent peels. back up the layers of this rough coon with a gentle presentation. The method used to display flashbacks isn’t the most original, especially if you watched The Boba Fett Book last year, and it disables the Rocket for too long. However, it can’t be overstated how much the cybernetically enhanced raccoon is the emotional backbone of this movie – and it works!

The High Evolutionary is a particularly spectacular villain during flashbacks.

The High Evolutionary is played with manic intensity by Chukwudi Iwuji, who delivers his twisted philosophy of perfection with icy brutality. It’s easy to hate him because he’s essentially the epitome of cruelty to animals. While his motivation and outlook is certainly something new to the MCU, his high-tech purple armor and blue energy powers make him look too much like Kang the Conqueror, another power-crazed bad guy we just saw in ” Ant-Man and Ant-Man. Wasp: Quantum Mania. The High Evolutionary is a particularly effective villain during flashbacks because we learn of his misguided pursuit of perfection and watch him apply his twisted science to Rocket, but he feels far less threatening in the present, mostly because the stakes are never reach a truly dangerous level. .

One important aspect where Guardians 3 differs from Quantumania is the visuals, vibrant and impressive, from the meaty and slimy organic space station to the horrific animal cyborg minions. Everything feels crisp, raw, and real, especially during the amazing all-for-one-take hallway battle for the ages. On the other hand, the top notch rendering of young Rocket and his animal friends is the perfect mix of cartoony and realism, with big, sad eyes that are impossible to handle.

Guardians 3 differs from Quantumania in its bright and spectacular visual effects.

The High Evolutionary’s unique variety of evil offers spicy themes of control and suspense that complement the Guardians’ stories well, especially those of Peter Quill and Gamora. Quill yearns for the old Gamora who fell in love with him, but the Gamora in front of him wants nothing to do with him. It’s a hard lesson to learn in trying to make someone who you want them to be, not who they really are, no matter what they were before. This version of Gamora is much closer to the ruthless killer raised by Thanos than the heroic warrior who originally joined the Guardians, and it was unexpectedly satisfying to watch Zoe Saldana act with such rage and brutality, not to mention caustic impatience towards Quill. For his part, Chris Pratt takes the insult with his typical snooty seriousness.

The rest of the Guardians performed well, and the scenes where the whole group plays against each other is the best that Volume 3 has to offer. We’ve watched them grow into a family over the years, and it’s a pleasure to enjoy their chemistry once again. Nebula, played by Karen Gillan, stands out from the rest as she takes on a more prominent role and has a new robot arm capable of doing all sorts of cool things. Although, of course, there are a few quibbles. Drax and Mantis each find their moment to shine, but by this point, their oblivious idiocy has long been crossed out for laughs. Groot is here, as always, to say his three favorite words and kick ass, and with his imposing new physique, he does just that, but considering this is a movie about Rocket’s past, it’s disappointing that we didn’t learn anything about the beginning. their friendship.

It’s disappointing that we haven’t learned anything about the beginning of Rocket and Groot’s friendship.

Then there’s Adam Warlock, who is by far the biggest surprise in having a shockingly small role. From the way he was teased at the end of the last Guardians movie, you’d think he would be the main villain, but the High Evolutionary is pretty much the central antagonist, with the Warlock his lackey. It’s kind of a disappointment because in the comics, the Warlock is a wise and powerful cosmic being who played a pivotal role in the Infinity Stones saga, but considering that story has already concluded in the MCU, it seems like there’s not much left. Warlock do. Unfortunately, he feels like he’s only doing this film on duty, and it’s sad to admit that Volume 3 wouldn’t have been much different if it had been cut. Also, it’s a big departure from the comics that this Warlock is actually a baby in Superman’s body, sort of like Marvel’s version of Shazam. And while Will Poulter absolutely embodies this idea and causes laughter, it’s hard not to feel disappointed that we’ve lost a unique space character and got another space idiot in return.

With a large central cast and many secondary players, as well as an ever-growing sense of danger, the plot tends to have too much going on at any given moment, but the core centered around Rocket’s injury is solid as a rock and acts as an emotional anchor. not to go astray. Ultimately, Guardians 3 wraps up a story that began in 2014 and provides well-deserved answers and closure for this family of underdogs. Gunn’s storytelling has a sophistication quite unique to the Guardians films, where humor, heart and song intertwine. This comes out in full force throughout the movie, and it’s nice to enjoy one last time before he dons a red cape and flies off to the DC studios.

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Vampire Survivors animated series in development



Animated series “Surviving Vampires” is in development.

deadline reports that the indie hit is set for a TV adaptation courtesy of Story Kitchen, which is working with Vampire Survivors creator Luca “Ponkle” Galante.

In Vampire Survivors, you move a pixelated character around a simple, top-down environment that is constantly filled with enemies. Your character attacks automatically, so you just wander around avoiding direct contact with enemies and putting them in the kill zone. Enemies drop experience orbs when they die for you to collect, and when you level up, you can spend your experience to randomly select new attacks, perks, or buffs.

“Almost endless RPG popcorn,” Donlan wrote in Eurogamer’s review of Vampire Survivors.

Our Jan is trying Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors was a real hit and even won the BAFTA Game Awards for “Best Game” this year.

As far as TV shows go, it looks like it’s early days. According to Deadline, a screenwriter is currently being sought and the project will be sold to buyers of animated TV channels.

“The most important thing about Vampire Survivors is the story, so it’s a dream come true to see how what started out as a small indie game I made over the weekend comes to life as an animated TV show!” This is stated in a statement by Galante.

“It’s also great to collaborate with such experienced and talented people to create the show. I really wonder if they figured out that there aren’t any vampires in Vampire Survivors.”

Story Kitchen is behind many TV adaptations of video games such as Tomb Raider (Netflix), Splinter Cell (Netflix), Toejam and Earl (Amazon), Streets of Rage (Lionsgate), and It Takes Two (Amazon).

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Capcom Golden Week: Resident Evil Big Sale Details and More



Street Fighter another first class lawyer included too

“Golden Week” takes place in Japan starting this weekend, with a host of publishers taking part in the celebrations. good news for people outside Japan is that the publishers in question usually make huge sales around the world, and Capcom’s recent Golden Week offerings are what I’d call “huge”.

Capcom’s Golden Week sale live across multiple platforms makes a big difference. Applicable franchises include (many of which have many DLCs on sale):

  • Resident Evil (Village, VII, RE2 Remake, RE3 Remake, RE4 [OG]RE5, RE6, RE1 remake, RE Zero remake, Umbrella Corps, RE Revelations 1, RE Revelations 2)
  • Monster Hunter (Rise, World, Iceborne, Stories 2)
  • Ace Attorney (Trilogy, Ace Attorney Chronicles)
  • Street Fighter (Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V)
  • Devil May Cry (DmC, DMC HD Collection, DMC4, DMC 5)
  • Dead Rising (Dead Rising 1, Dead Rising 2, Dead Rising 3, Dead Rising 4)
  • Mega Man (Mega Man 11, Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2, Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection)
  • Capcom Arcade Stadium (Stages 1+2)
  • Okami HD
  • Onimusha
  • Marvel vs. Capcom (Infinite, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3)
  • Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle
  • Lost Planet (Lost Planet 1, Lost Planet 3 completed)
  • Remember me
  • Disney Daytime Collection
  • DuckTales Remastered
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara
  • striders
  • herd!
  • Bionic commando
  • Bionic team rearmed

Some of these proposals Really take me back Bionic team rearmed absolutely worth two bucks like honestly most of the games on this list. This is a very simple excuse to chat with a game like Okami HD and spend the whole weekend playing it. Most of those resident Evil games are good too, especially if you enjoy co-op play with RE5 another revelation 2.

You may find a useful visual breakdown of the sale straight to Steam.

These sales also take place on the PSN and Xbox platforms.

While Steam has the best landing page, sales are also taking place on console platforms. Here is a link to each sale page that contains several other Golden Week deals:

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