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The national security service pushed migrants away from the border to hide the border chaos



According to the new inspector general’s report, the border guard will beef up its staff and bus out migrants ahead of dignitaries’ visits to cover up the true extent of the chaos at the southern border, giving the false impression that they are ready to deal with the influx of migrants.

One agent told investigators that every time there is a visit, they “get the place right and proper.” But after the visit, they “returned again to overcrowded pods and lack of staff and equipment to deal with the situation.”

This meant that visitors – some of them likely members of Congress – “were not shown how things really are,” the inspector general said.

The reality is that agents have been overwhelmed, overworked and frustrated with the chaos, the Inspector General said in a new report that says Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the two main immigration law enforcement agencies, are working to breaking point.

The audit showed that the agencies retained the same staff, even though their responsibilities and workload have increased dramatically.

Nearly 90% of law enforcement officers interviewed at each agency said they did not have the staff to deal with the next influx of migrants.

The audit was released just as the Department of Homeland Security is preparing for a surge with the impending end of Section 42, a policy that allowed agents to expel illegal immigrants. Title 42 expires May 11th.

CBP employees complained that they had to work with a “framework” that could only process newcomers. Responsibilities include restocking snack shelves for migrants, delivering food, and monitoring migrants taken to the hospital.

One agent said it was “more like a social worker than a law enforcement officer.”

Morale is so poor that the agencies have faced a wave of resignations and resignations, leaving them even worse off to deal with the chaos at the border, the audit concluded.

The agent suicide rate is also on the rise in the Border Patrol, the inspector general said, citing evidence from the agents’ union in Congress.

“CBP and ICE’s current management of law enforcement workforce is unsustainable,” the Inspector General said. “CBP and ICE’s workload has increased significantly due to factors outside of DHS’s control, such as increased border appointments and travel volumes. Despite the heavy workload, staffing levels have remained the same, with CBP and ICE using parts and overtime to temporarily fill staffing gaps along the southwestern border.”

Investigators say this is already happening.

Border Patrol agents said they are seeing a growing number of “refugees” or migrants known to have eluded detection because agents are stuck processing people at stations and unable to be on the line detecting and stopping crossers.

From 2019 to 2022, agent breakouts increased by 303%.

“One of our responsibilities is the detention and processing of non-citizen migrants, for which almost all of our workforce has been delegated,” one border guard agent told investigators. “This prevents us from performing the other part of the duties/duties for which we were hired, which is to deter or detain individuals who have made illegal entry into the United States.”

At ICE, which handles detentions, deportations and arrests in the US interior, officers said the influx of people meant they were no longer hunting down and arresting criminals, but instead handing out documents.

The ICE Deportation Force made 92,108 arrests of migrants with a criminal record in fiscal 2019 during President Trump’s border influx. In contrast, ICE’s deportation force recorded just 18,173 criminal arrests in the first seven months of fiscal year 2022.

And in 2019, ICE deported 267,258 illegal immigrants. In the first seven months of 2022, that number dropped to 35,260.

“The deportation officers we spoke to at the southwestern border and those who work in other ICE offices told us that morale has been hurt because the deportation officers spend more time processing paperwork that could have been done remotely and release migrants instead of enforcing immigration laws,” the inspector said. said the general.

Meanwhile, the National Security Investigation Unit, which is supposed to track down smugglers and kidnappers, has been reduced to “securing processing plants,” the Inspector General said, citing one HSI agent’s opinion on the situation.

The Department of Homeland Security objected to the report, complaining about the inspector general’s survey, saying the methodology was substandard and the results were “misleading”.

Jim Crumpacker, the department’s representative to the Inspector General, pointed to mental health support in the form of a chaplaincy service and a suicide prevention expert to plan ways to reduce CBP’s rising suicide rate. ICE also produced a series of videos and posters to raise awareness about suicide.

Mr. Crumpacker also said the Inspector General ignored steps taken by the department to try to reduce the workload on agents and officers. These include hiring “processing coordinators” to try and handle some caregiving duties and paying contractors to provide security or supplies.


‘Cowboy up’: Chris Sununu urges Trump to stop threatening to skip debate



New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu said Thursday that Donald Trump should “become a cowboy” and stop threatening to miss the GOP primary ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Trump is reportedly considering skipping one or both of the first two Republican debates. according to the New York Timespartly because he doesn’t want to give his rivals a chance to stand out in the race.

But in an interview with CBS News, Sununu argued that Trump should show up.

“You know, the message is very clear – cowboy, get in the saddle,” the GOP governor said. “Show us what you’ve got, because if you want to be the leader of this country and the leader of the free world, you have to show that you can still bring your fastball.”

The former president also allegedly disagrees with Fox News anchor Bret Byer, moderator of the first GOP debate in Milwaukee in August. The Times said he was even more annoyed by the fact that the second event would be held in Southern California at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, which has the Washington Post – and previous target of Trump’s anger — Fred Ryan on the board of trustees.

Sununu said Trump’s recent public appearances, including in New Hampshire, indicate that he no longer has the energy he once had.

“You don’t see the fire,” Sununu insisted, adding that Trump is now “playing the victim” following a New York grand jury’s decision to indict him for complicity in paying silence money to porn star Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. General election.

Still, the criminal charges against Trump boosted the former president’s poll ratings, said Sununu, who acknowledged that Trump could end up being his party’s nominee for the White House.

“But I sincerely believe that the Republicans will remember what happened on November 22nd — remember the losses we suffered with him, his candidates and his messages, and say: “We don’t want losers,” Sununu. added.

Members of the Republican Party fared worse in last year’s midterm elections, in part because several of Trump’s far-right candidates ended up falling flat.

A few months ago, Sununu seemed confident that Trump would not be the party’s nominee in the 2024 election.

“It just won’t happen,” he said in March.

Sununu, who himself put forward the idea of ​​running in the 2024 presidential election, told CBS News he would make a decision by June.

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If he decides to run, Sununu could join a large number of candidates. Former governor of South Carolina. Nikki Haley and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswami have already launched campaigns, and Senator Tim Scott (SC) has announced the formation of an exploratory committee.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence are also expected to perform in the ring.

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TikTok Users Call Recent Weight Loss Trend Videos Fatophobic



The TikTok trend of users pretending to show “before and after” weight loss photos has been criticized by some as fatophobia.

Using the popular CapCut editing tool, trend participants applied an effect called “Big Face” to make their faces appear larger. They then export the resized image to TikTok for a comparison video: a selfie with a big face and the original selfie with the caption “What would I look like if I lost 100 pounds.” In other words, after images are actually photos of how users look at the moment.

The video has been met with criticism from some netizens who say the trend makes fun of plus size people and stigmatizes weight gain.

“People in relatively good shape make fun of fat people,” said Julia Barberi, 31, who posted a critical commentary. video about the trend in TikTok. “This is a terrible filter. It has no positive points. When we constantly see information about weight loss in the media, it only reinforces the idea that we ourselves are not enough.”

This trend comes as some TikTok users continue to struggle with body issues and eating disorders, an issue that has also been a problem on Instagram and Snapchat. On TikTok, posts on For You pages can surprise users with diet and exercise information. In addition, a number of inspirational lifestyle content, usually Get Ready With Me TV series or Clothes of the Day videos, can be found with comments from users dismissing their bodies or comparing themselves to other creators.

A few months ago TikTok “bloated” filters got a similar reaction. TikTok users posted double chin videos before the video moved on to revealing their true colors. Other filters that change people’s faces or bodies have also sparked controversy about how they can contribute to body dysphoria or self-esteem issues.

A TikTok spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

TikTok user Dominique Navarro said that at first she thought the “What would I look like if I lost 100 pounds” videos should be positive.

“Like many people in the comments on these videos, I was initially impressed, went to the profile of the posters, and then quickly realized that a filter had been used to make them fat,” said Navarro, who documents her weight loss journey and discusses fitness. on here TikTok account. “Then I realized that a lot of the comments being encouraged were just satire.”

The comment section of videos participating in the recent trend has generated a wide range of reactions.

Some users, not realizing that this was a joke, cheered and shared anecdotes about their attempts to lose weight.

“You’ve got it, I’m struggling too right now,” one commenter responded to Video. Video maker answered“You got it too! This is a trend but I hope you reach your goals

Others called the videos deaf.

“This trend is never going to be funny, how can you guys not understand that?” one man said.

“It’s strange”, another wrote. “Editing yourself to look a certain way so that your original self looks ‘better’ and you get compliments.”

Navarro said she believes trends like these could be harmful for people struggling with weight or eating disorders.

“Most people suffer from fatphobia, whether they realize it or not,” Navarro said. “People seem to think that being fat is the worst thing you can be in the world, and as someone who has been overweight and underweight, I know that’s not true.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder, contact the National Eating Disorders Association at: 1-800-931-2237 at certain times send a NEDA message to 741741 anytime in a crisis or visit NEDA website.

Kalhan Rosenblatt contributed.

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As faith in SCOTUS plummets, Jeannie Thomas gets her new scandal



All in all, The Post reported that Conway’s company, the Polling Company, paid Jeannie Thomas’s company at least $80,000 during the year. It is not clear if any real work has been done on these payments other than the work of Clarence Thomas.

A few months after the Judicial Education Project sent the money to Jeannie Thomas via Conway, they were subpoenaed in the case. Shelby County v. Holder, supporting an attempt to repeal part of the Voting Rights Act. This part of the VRA was eliminated in a 5–4 vote, with Thomas providing the casting vote that put the Judicial Education Project on the winning side.

Thomas didn’t even bother give a competing opinion saying that “the conditions which originally justified [the Voting Rights Act] no longer characterize voting in covered jurisdictions.” and that “overtly discriminatory evasions of federal orders are rare.” According to Thomas, the minority vote and the white vote are “almost parity” and there are many minority candidates, so… no need for a VRA. Further in this opinion, Congress was slapped for continuing to support the VRA.

This is not to say that the Forensic Education Project has not paid off for its money.

Leonard, directly or indirectly involved in a number of cases before the Court, provided The Post with a statement. claiming to be a “dear friend” of Clarence and Virginia Thomas and having known them for many years. Clarence Thomas seems to have some good friends… they all stand next to the checkbooks.

And, as in other cases, when he came across large sums of money, Thomas did not report anything about it. He also took no steps to drop cases involving payments to his wife through Leonard, Conway, or other conservative activists.

on Thursday, report from ProPublica it was revealed that Thomas’s great benefactor, Republican financier and conservative activist Harlan Crow, had paid as much as $150,000 to cover the tuition of the great-nephew whom Thomas was raising. Even though the young man was brought up in Thomas’ home, Crowe claims he paid because he was “less fortunate” and “at risk”. Thomas did not report this gift, although he did report $5,000 someone gave for the education of the same great-nephew. Which is good evidence that Thomas knew that Crowe’s generous gift was over the line.

This discovery follows earlier news this crow bought the land from Clarence Thomas and paid for the modernization of Thomas’s mother’s house. Real estate transactions are one of the few things that Supreme Court justices are required to report in all cases. Thomas didn’t. Not only did Crowe buy the property from Thomas, he paid an amount that appears to be well in excess of fair market value. Considering that Crowe did nothing with the purchased property other than remodeling a house he allegedly bought for Thomas’ mother and allowing her to continue living there rent-free – it’s hard to see this deal as anything other than paying Thomas $133,000.

This happened a week after it turned out that Thomas probably broke the law without revealing the lavish trips and gifts Crowe has given him for over two decades. The value of what Crowe provided to Thomas is estimated to be over $500,000. Thomas released angry response insisting that “Harlan and Katie Crow are some of our closest friends and have been friends for over twenty-five years. As friends, we’ve been joining them on many family trips for over a quarter of a century when we’ve known them.” And it is true; friends sometimes relax together. What is unusual is that one of these friends pays the bill for this vacation. Everyone is lonely. time.

Again, Thomas seems to have a very selective taste in choosing “dear friends”.

On Friday, the President of the Judiciary of the Senate Dick Dublin received a predictably weak response, urging Chief Justice John Roberts to do “something”.

“I hope the Chief Justice understands that something needs to be done,” Durbin said. “The court’s reputation and credibility are at stake.”

It has already passed the “something” stage. The only acceptable action for Thomas is to resign. While this is going on, the DOJ may start collecting a case for either bribery or extortion, because while the Supreme Court may exempt itself from many of those pesky rules that plague smaller courts, what Thomas did is out of the picture. corruption. It’s just corruption.

Dmitry from WarTranslate did the important job of translating hours of Russian and Ukrainian video and audio during the invasion of Ukraine. He joins Marcos and Kerry from London to talk about how he started this work by sifting through various sources. He is one of the few who translates information for an English-speaking audience. Dimitri followed the war from the beginning and watched the evolution of the language and dispatches as the war progressed.

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