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Politics Podcast: Biden’s Position in 2024



President Biden announced his re-election campaign last Tuesday, a widely anticipated move that also brings us one step closer to a possible rematch in the 2020 election. In this installation of the FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast, the team talks about the challenges and benefits the campaign will bring.

They are also discussing last week’s North Carolina Supreme Court ruling clearing the way for partisan machinations in the state. And they ask if the Americans can be trusted to reliably tell pollsters which school clique they belonged to.

You can listen to the episode by clicking the “Play” button in the audio player above, or by clicking download it to itunes, ESPN App or your favorite podcast platform. If you are new to podcasts, learn to listen.

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In Israel, McCarthy vows to continue supporting Ukraine



Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican who became Speaker of the House in January, publicly vowed on Monday to continue supporting Ukraine’s war effort, dropping previous suggestions that a new House majority could cut U.S. military and financial investment in Kiev’s efforts to repel Russian invasion. .

Speaking at a press conference in Jerusalem shortly after speaking in the Israeli Knesset, Mr. McCarthy resolutely fought back after being asked by a reporter for the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti if he could turn down aid and weapons for Ukraine.

“I vote for aid to Ukraine, I support aid to Ukraine,” Mr. McCarthy told a reporter, who prefaced his question by saying: “We know that you do not support the current unrestricted and uncontrolled supply of arms and aid. to Ukraine”.

Mr. McCarthy, who had earlier said there would be no “blank check” for Ukraine, then denounced Russia’s actions in the conflict.

“I do not support what your country has done with Ukraine; I also do not support your killing of children,” McCarthy told a Russian reporter. “And we will continue to support because the rest of the world sees it for what it is.”

These statements stood in stark contrast to Mr. McCarthy’s recent signals of aid to Ukraine amid pressure from far-right Republican lawmakers to test US support for Kiev and stop US funding of the conflict.

Mr. McCarthy’s words drew a storm of applause from Republican hawks, including former Vice President Mike Pence, who thanked Mr. McCarthy. on twitter “For making a convincing statement about Russia on the world stage.”

Mr. McCarthy’s promise may embarrass him because of the small but critical fact of his conference, which openly opposed Ukraine’s further funding of the war.

This group of mostly ultra-conservative Republicans includes several members of the House of Representatives who voted to remove Mr. McCarthy’s speaker’s gavel in several consecutive ballots earlier in the year. It also includes right-wing representative Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia, who has become one of Mr. McCarthy’s closest allies.

In recent weeks, as Republicans struggled to unite around a spending cut plan ahead of talks with the White House on a debt ceiling, Ms. Green has waged a relentless campaign against continued military and other forms of aid to Ukraine.

She called for zeroing this part of the budget, accusing the Biden administration ofdeceived” by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and arguing that the aid being provided makes the United States too active a participant in the country, stating that “Ukraine is not the 51st state.”

Under pressure from Ms. Green and others, Mr. McCarthy has recently been reticent in his public comments about Ukraine. Last month, the speaker declined to share details of a phone call with Zelenskiy, simply saying it was a “good conversation.”

But right-wing Ukraine skeptics recently lost one of their most effective platforms for getting their message across to voters after Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox News. Mr. Carlson, who promoted a similar message about Ukraine in his prime time, provided Ms. Green and others with a permanent platform to reach out to millions of Republican-leaning viewers as a means of putting pressure on Mr. McCarthy.

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Leaked footage shows Tucker Carlson trashing the Fox News streaming platform



AP Photo/Richard Drew

Leaked footage from filming Tucker Carlson The Fox Nation show saw the former Fox News host smash the network’s streaming platform.

The footage got into the network of leaked observers. Media matters and shows how Carlson is talking on the phone with an unknown person, while on the set of his Tucker Carlson today program.

The conversation appeared to coincide with Carlson’s interviews with controversial influencers. Andrew Tate, whose misogynistic views went viral last year, months before he was arrested in Romania as part of a human trafficking and rape investigation. While the video is undated, Media Matters noted that Carlson’s interview with Tate aired in August 2022.

“I don’t want to be a slave to Fox Nation, which I think people don’t watch anyway,” Carlson said during a speakerphone call. “We’re here because, you know, I’m in the US media right now talking to an exile in Romania and welcoming him back to the fraternity of journalists.”

The back and fourth seemed to refer to what Carlson was going to wear for the interview.

“Yeah. It would help us if you were wearing a sweater, because we asked him not to wear a suit,” an unknown voice said on the phone. “Like he panicked about this, and we said:” You do not need. Tucker will look casual. That’s what our show looks like. Is that okay?”

“I mean it’s on a late night show and I want it to look official. I don’t want this to sound like bro talk. If you understand what I mean?” Carlson said.

An unidentified speaker on the phone insisted that if the interview went on for more than 45 minutes, it would be uploaded to Fox Nation.

“But no one will watch it on Fox Nation. Nobody watches Fox Nation because the site sucks. So I would really like to just put it all on YouTube,” Carlson said. But anyway, that’s just my point of view. I’m just disappointed – this site is hard to use. I don’t know why they don’t fix it. It drives me crazy. And they kind of make Lifetime movies, but they don’t work with the site’s infrastructure. Like what? This is madness. And it drives me crazy because we do all this extra work and no one can find it.”

“It’s incredible, really. I don’t know who runs this site,” Carlson said irritably.

An unidentified person over the phone explained to Carlson that a “significant” portion of the interview would be shown on Tucker’s Fox News show. Tucker Carlson tonightin the hope that it will attract the audience to watch the full episode on Fox Nation.

“I know, but we’re doing our job. We work like animals to produce all this content and the people in charge of it, whoever this guy is – whatever his name is, like they’re ignoring the fact that the site is down and I think that’s like a betrayal. . our efforts. I feel. So, of course, I am outraged by this,” Carlson said.

Fox Nation produces many shows featuring Fox News stars as well as Nancy Grace, Kelsey Grammer, Roseanne Barrand actor Kevin Costner.

When Carlson signed a new deal with Fox in 2021, he expanded his presence on Fox Nation with documentaries and a flagship show. Tucker Carlson today – Broadcast three times a week. That is, until it was ousted from the network last week.

Watch above via Media Matters.

Is there any advice we should know?

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Florida GOP members make it clear that raising DeSantis 2024 is their number one job



We’ve been covering the Florida Legislature from this perspective for some time now, as the extent of Florida Republicans’ commitment to DeSantis’ political goals has become more apparent. Each of the bills introduced in the state legislature against “waking up,” school diversity initiatives, voting rights, and the LGBT community last year seemed hand-crafted to get the attention of the far-right members of the MAGA base. nationally as DeSantis weighs in on the 2024 bid.

As DeSantis prepares to finally announce that he’s running at the end of his state’s legislative session this month, his Republican friends in the state’s House of Representatives have given him one last gift: the legislature passed some sweeping new restrictions on voting rights and a change in the elections. this allows DeSantis to run for president and remain governor.

Under current state law, DeSantis would have to resign in order to run for a new office if the terms of the new office and her governorship overlapped, as if he were elected president. The state law has been changed before, including for a former governor. Charlie Christ.

State Democratic Rep. Angie Nixon summed up her fellow Republican ambitions well last week:

“Many in this body follow the instructions of the governor,” she said. “If someone wants to run for president, let him go. But don’t let the governor hold our state or the Florida people hostage for blind and drunken political ambitions.”

In addition to changing the state law’s “resign to run” provision, Republicans have also introduced several new restrictions that will make it harder for minority voters to register to vote. The bill also adds a disclaimer to voter registration cards that is sure to deter people from actually voting — it lets recipients know that having a card doesn’t necessarily mean they are legally eligible to vote.

All of this is fueling a broader problem in Florida: Last year, DeSantis created a new task force that is, at its core, a political stunt designed to make widespread election fraud a problem in the state. In fact, the Electoral Crime Unit arrested 20 people for vote rigging with prior criminal convictions who did not know they were not allowed to vote legally.

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