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Lyft is ‘significantly’ cutting staff: NPR



The Lyft logo is mounted on a Lyft driver’s car in Pittsburgh. This week, the company announced a significant reduction in staff in order to save money.

Gene J. Puskar/AP

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Gene J. Puskar/AP

The Lyft logo is mounted on a Lyft driver’s car in Pittsburgh. This week, the company announced a significant reduction in staff in order to save money.

Gene J. Puskar/AP

Lyft wants to “significantly reduce” its workforce as part of a company-wide restructuring. CEO David Risher announced on Friday.

The taxi company declined to give specific numbers to NPR about the potential impact of these layoffs. Wall Street Magazine informed that layoffs could affect about 30% of Lyft workers, or about 1,200 jobs.

“David has made it clear to the company that his focus is on creating a great and affordable rider experience and driving driver revenue,” a spokesman for NPR said.

“This requires reducing our costs and structuring our company so that our leaders are closer to riders and drivers,” the spokesperson said. “This is a difficult decision and we are not taking it lightly. But the result will be a much stronger and more competitive Lyft.”

Risher took over the reins of Lyft just this week, replacing company founders John Zimmer and Logan Green. But during a staff meeting a few weeks ago, Riescher told employees layoffs were “in the air.”

“We need to be a faster, flatter company where everyone is closer to our riders and drivers so we can get the job done,” he said in a public message to employees on Friday.

Affected workers will be notified by next Thursday.

Several companies in the tech sector are experiencing turmoil, thanks in part to a significant decline in digital advertising revenue. Facebook parent company Meta announced in March that it was laying off 10,000 people. Also last month, Amazon announced it was cutting another 9,000 jobs after it had previously announced that 18,000 employees would lose their jobs.

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Andrew Tate’s pre-trial behavior could harm him



Wiretapping in prison, cited by judges in court documents obtained by BuzzFeed News, shows that Andrew allegedly hoped to flee to Dubai on the pretext of receiving medical care there. (The United Arab Emirates does not have an extradition treaty with Romania.) A Tate spokesman told the Daily Mail in early March that the dark spot on Andrew’s lung was “most likely a tumor.” However, Andrew later clarified on Twitter that the place was actually a scar “from an old battle”. Andrew’s request to travel was denied by the authorities.

Eugene Widineak, the Tate lawyer, denied rumors that the brothers might try to flee. “They have a home and children in Romania, they are under criminal investigation, there is no reason to run away,” he told local media. Matea Petrescu, a spokeswoman for the Tates, told BuzzFeed News: “In regards to their leaving the country, there was no context mentioned in the partially published auditions. [namely] Andrew is only discussing going to Dubai for a medical clearance if his status allows it.”

The Romanian authorities also said that the Teites called on their army of followers to send a message to at least one alleged victim demanding that they drop their accusations. “These comments are in the nature of causing a state of fear in the victim as a result of a threatening tone towards her, attempts to persuade her to change her testimony in relation to the defendants in the case,” the judge noted in the case. February results.

(Suleiman Ahmed, an online pro-Tate persona, tweeted on Feb. 18 that he traveled to Palm Beach, Florida – the hometown of one of the key witnesses in the case – “for a big story“. However, there was no indication that Ahmed, who did not respond to a BuzzFeed News request for comment, actually met with the witness or her family.)

On top of that, in December, a US law firm representing the brothers sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Florida woman, urging her to retract her statements or face a defamation lawsuit. The Romanian authorities see this letter as part of an alleged intimidation.

Tates’ separate U.S. attorney, Tina Glandian, who is part of their Romanian legal team, recently stressed to the media that her “firm was not involved in sending the cease and desist letter.” Petrescu told BuzzFeed News that the letter was “a U.S. LEGAL action,” adding: “These suspicions are outdated given that the appeals court judges have decided to place them under house arrest.”

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GigaOm Research Bulletin #002



Welcome to the March 2023 GigaOm Research Bulletin.

Hello again, there’s a lot to talk about, but first a few words about our principal analyst, Michael Delzer, who passed away earlier this year. Michael’s experience, wisdom, energy, patience and good humor inspired everyone who worked with him. He was above all an outgoing person, as one work colleague remarked, “While Michael is undoubtedly one of the smartest people I have ever met, I will remember him primarily for his kind and open heart.” Rest in peace, Michael.

Main research results

See below for our most recent reports, blogs and articles, current press quotes and information on where to meet with our analysts in the next few months. Any questions, please reply directly to this email and we will respond.


in trend:“Software-defined WAN Radar” by analyst Ivan McPhee, released in January, is now our most popular survey. Convergence is the key word in this carefully crafted report that evaluates offers from 20 vendors.

We are currently holding briefings on:Agile portfolio planning and management, AIOps, MGT APIs, edge platforms (CDN+), FinOps, hybrid cloud data protection, password management, policy as code, process and task analysis, SaaS management, SSA (SASE), UCaaS, creation flow management values.

Warm up is:Application security testing, anti-phishing, SIEM and DDoS protection. In the next newsletter, we should be informed about our reporting schedule for the third quarter of 2023, which is being finalized as we speak. So watch out for this space for both.

Recent Reports

We have released 19 reports in the month since the last bulletin. Quick stats: We have 73 reports already published or planned for 2023 to meet our goal of covering 120 technology categories.

INAnalytics and AIwe’ve released reports on data lakes, lake houses, and data science.

INcloud infrastructure, we’ve published reports on Platform as a Service (IPaaS) Integration, Cloud Surveillance, Amazon s3 Alternatives, Kubernetes for Edge Computing, and Managed Kubernetes. And instoragewe’ve looked at managing unstructured data for both business-oriented and infrastructure-oriented solutions.

VSafetydomain, we released reports on cybersecurity incident response, Domain Name System (DNS) security, next-generation firewalls, and security awareness and education. And innetnetwork access control, edge colocation, and cloud networking.

INDevops, we have a report on GitOps and CI/CD for Kubernetes. And inSoftware and Applicationswe have a report on e-signature solutions.

Blogs and Articles

We have published several tech blogs, including:

To UEBA or not to UEBA? – that is the question. Our security analyst Chris Ray sees UEBA as more than just a security monitoring tool.

CXO Insight: Do We Really Need Kubernetes at the Edge? Storage and Kubernetes Category Leader Enrico Signoretti shares his thoughts on edge computing solutions.

And a couple about the analytics industry and the nature of the analyst:

How can industry analyst firms work better with early-stage startups? John met with AR specialists about their research into the state of startups with industry analysts.

Chairs, towels and GPS-navigators: where is the line for souvenirs for analysts? On a lighter note, John addresses the swag of events and their ramifications.

And finally, the ability to read the latest month’s newsletter if you missed it.


GigaOm analysts have been cited in various publications over the past month. If you have any needs, please let us know.

GigaOm HCI Reports | Blocks and Files – Alistair Cook

Primary Enterprise Storage Radar | Blocks and Files – Max Mortillaro and Aryan Timmerman

Cyber ​​security training | Computer Weekly – Jamal Bihya

sustainability | ZDNET – Jeff Uyleman

Cyber ​​leaders of the world | center eyes – Chris Grundemann

Microsoft and ChatGPT | Stack – John Collins

Where to Meet GigaOm Analysts

In the near future, you can expect to meet our analysts at Kubecon/Cloud Native Conin Amsterdam and RSA Conference in San Francisco. Let us know if you would like to arrange a meeting.

As always, for news and updates, add to your lists and reach out with any questions. And thank you for your feedback on this newsletter. We’re making improvements along the way as we better understand your needs.

All the best and speak soon!

John Collins, Vice President of Research

Claire Hale, Engagement Manager

The GigaOm Research Bulletin #002 first appeared on GigaOm.

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Google seeks refusal to meet the requirements of the antitrust court Epic Game



Intending to speed up resolution of its antitrust lawsuit with Epic Games, the state’s attorney general and Match Group, tech giant Google has called on the court to dismiss most arguments about its revenue-sharing agreements, app store business model, and other app stores. -related projects.

Google’s legal team has filed a new lawsuit that will provide adequate information to help ascertain the validity of Google’s claims.

The tech giant believes that none of its merchandise in the play store violates antitrust laws. If the court accepts Google’s appeal, the litigation will still continue as there are other claims that need to be settled legally. Notably, Google is looking forward to the court’s ruling on five major lawsuits that appear to be critical to a plaintiff’s ability to record alleged anti-competitive behavior.

google explanation

Google believes the court should dismiss the claim that the company’s developer distribution agreement is illegal on the grounds that it prevents distribution to other app stores. The company states that it has not established any legal obligation to distribute to other app stores. In addition, he states that new generation Android devices typically come with more than one app store pre-installed.

Google also said that if consumers choose, they can freely install additional app stores using a web browser.

According to a Google spokesperson, Android is the only mobile platform that supports multiple app stores. In fact, most Android devices have at least two built-in app stores with the ability to support others. However, Match Group, Epic, and the state’s attorney general have deliberately overlooked the flexibility and choice offered by Google Play and Android.

Apart from the play store argument, Google also hopes to close another dispute, which is mostly about a Google-managed program called Project Hug. The program was launched to encourage Android game developers to make their apps available on the Google Play Store.

Alleged bribery

Google has offered under-the-table payouts to game developers to encourage them to launch their apps on the play store, according to the parties. They also claim that the amount of the payment was huge and Google tried to make it legal by calling it the App and Game Speed ​​Program.

According to Epic Games, Google introduced the program in question because the company was afraid of its competitors. He wanted to prevent other developers from following suit after launching Fortnite for Android exclusively outside of the play store via its own installer.

The creator of Fortnite also stated that Google wanted to monopolize the system as the organization was very afraid that Epic would maintain momentum with other preset deals. In addition, it may team up with OEMs such as Samsung to reduce revenue share. However, Google is not ready to accept the allegations.

According to Google, Project Hug never intended to stop them from creating competing app stores.

According to the tech giant, Project Hug was never intended to be anti-competitive — the whistleblowers are trying to distort the program. It focused solely on motivating developers to use the Google Play Store to release new or updated content.

Applicants, on the other hand, are not prepared to accept Google’s explanation for this. They have successfully proven that Google employees often disable chat history or internal discussions to delete sensitive messages related to a case. Although Google had previously asked for a postponement of the trial, it was denied.

We are trying to join Indian developers in court to uphold a Chamber of Commerce order that requires Google to allow competing third party app stores.Bakary Middleton, Director of Global Public Policy, Epic Games

Google has faced numerous legal challenges these days. Last month, it lost a legal battle with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) that forced the organization to agree to changes to its Android operating system, such as stopping the practice of forcing device manufacturers to pre-install Google’s app library like Chrome or YouTube.

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