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I think the cheaper Samsung S90C OLED TV could be the best TV deal of 2023.



Leading up to the spring TV season, which starts when manufacturers announce new TVs at CES in January and ends when they gradually start rolling them out to reviewers for hands-on testing, a few models always stand. from the crowd.

One of them is the new Samsung S95C. I personally anointed this flagship OLED as Best TV CES 2023 alone and then proceeded to whip him in hands-on review of the S95C OLED TV Back in February, I was conducting at the company’s office in New Jersey. I expect this model to easily enter our list. best OLED TVsand also likely to be one of best 4k tvs.

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Shardpunk: Verminfall is a mixture of Darkest Dungeon, XCOM and Skaven.



Shardpunk: Verminfall brings together a bunch of different ideas that you’ve seen before. It features turn-based tactical combat against rats with magic guns in a steampunk world already in ruins. He has a need to keep moving, read, the approaching horde of rats will overwhelm you. It features bunkers where your group rests, de-stresses and prepares before moving on.

Something like a mixture of Fallouty, XCOMy, FTLy, Vermintidey – which together seems very cool. It’s already out and there’s a demo.


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Community Spotlight 2023.04.15 – Giant Bomb



Welcome to the latest issue of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I, @zombiepie, am honored to be your host once again as we look back at some of the best work the community has created over the past week!

The employees are back and recovering from their DreamHack convention performance. In case you missed any of the live streams, here’s an overview of what’s been posted so far, and I’m going to include stuff recorded by the staff on the way to the event. Also, as you can see in Dan’s tweet below, there’s a lot more to come!

Obviously, the most important news this week is related to THE GLORIOUS RETURN OF THE GIANT BOMB SHOP! Not only that, but the site is running a special promotion for those who live in the United States. If your order of goods exceeds $75, no shipping fee will be charged. For those of you ordering internationally, since the supplier is based in the United States, please allow 7-10 business days for all garments to ship and feel free to report incredibly ridiculous shipping and handling charges to Oddly enough, non-clothes orders are delivered faster.

For premium members, use the “Login” button above to access exclusive items! If your premium login is not working, there is a temporary fix/workaround you can read about in this thread! Also, keep in mind that the engineering team is working on a permanent fix right now.

Finally, did you know that it’s almost time for The Giant Bomb Community spring charity event known as the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run.? Only two weeks left before the event, and you can find out how to support it!

Actually it is worth noting that I will be participating in the Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run., and if you like the Community Spotlight feature on the site, consider donating to my charity page. Even small amounts are welcome, and if you can’t make a donation, consider sharing the page with someone you think can.



Giant Bomb Robocop Prime Directives (From: @permanentsigh)

Does Mike Minotti have the Prime Directive while playing RoboCop for Blight Club? Photoshop guru Permanentsigh believes so, and was inspired to create this piece of art as a result!

robotic (From: @chucktowski)

Big thanks to Mike Minotti, Blight Club latest issue, for inspiring a new wave of Giant Bomb fan art that is sure to give you nightmares! This post came from chucktowski on Discord Giant Bomb, which you can join by clicking on the link above!

Friendship ended with Grubb (From: @jearum)

After Jan posted the following image below, as jearum eloquently tweeted, “It must be done.”

Title not specified

Tamur x Naruto (TO: @MOHAMMEDFI10)

MOHAMMEDFI10 organized a fun “Best Naruto Fight” contest and when Sakura vs. Sasori defeated Lee vs. Gaara, they and Tamur immediately voiced their differences. To join Tamur in solidarity, MOHAMMEDFI10 made the following photoshop.

Title not specified


Beacon Pines is the eighth game of the second year of the UUGPGC. Complete the game before April 24, 2023! Mark all spoilers! +

Return to Monkey Island is the seventh UUGPGC game! Complete by April 10, 2023! SPOILERS ARE OPEN! (From: @bigsocrates)

Do any of you have any thoughts on this game or Monkey Island?  If so, click one of the Game Pass Game Club links!
Do any of you have any thoughts on this game or Monkey Island? If so, click one of the Game Pass Game Club links!

Beacon Pines is the eighth game of the Giant Bomb Game Pass! Do you have any early impressions or thoughts about this storybook style adventure game? Click the link below to join the community conversation!

Similarly, the Game Pass gaming club has officially opened the Return to Monkey Island discussion for SPOILERS! Do you have any thoughts on the story development or plot twists of the game? Share your opinion NOW!

The GB Album Club 027 – Hang Ups by Goldfinger (From: @unclejam23)

Thanks to Tony Hawk, can you read any of the songs from this album?
Thanks to Tony Hawk, can you read any of the songs from this album?

Hang-Ups by Goldfinger is the next pick from the recently revived Week Club album! If you have any experience with this classic album and its presence in video games, or just want to know how to join in on the fun, click the link!


All 3DO (type) games in order: 1994 (part 01) (From: @borgmaster)

I'm always happy to have some FMV on this site!
I’m always happy to have some FMV on this site!

What do people want these days? If you said “Regular Game Coverage on 3DO!” Then I have good news for you! borgmaster has another blog that covers all the games released for the 3DO in early 1994!

Puzzle The Quest For The Worst Adventure Game – Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb (i.e. The Furry Adventure Game) (From: @zombiepie)

Moderator ZombiePie is back for a definitive look at puzzles in classic adventure games! This time they explore Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb, an unfortunately forgotten gem of the “Golden Age” of adventure games!

Mega Archive CD: Part V: Hook to Panic! +

Indie Game of the Week 315: Superhot (From: @mento)

Let's talk about the forgotten classic of point and click adventure games!
Let’s talk about the forgotten classic of point and click adventure games!

Mento invites you to join them on another journey through the “wonderful” video games that graced the Sega CD! This edition of their “Mega Archive CD” post covers all Sega CD releases from January 1993 to April 1993!

In addition, Mento’s latest “Indie Game of the Week” feature is dedicated to the wildly popular Superhot! Do they agree with the game’s critical acclaim and are they happy with its minimalist visual design? Click on the second link to find out!

SD Gundam G Generations Cross Rays (From: @valorianendymion)

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays was only announced for Asia, but that didn’t stop ValorianEndymion from checking it out! If you’re a Gundam fan or a tactical/SRPG enthusiast, read their blog by clicking the link above!

Mushi’s Hidden Gems (Aren’t They?): Severed Steel (From: @mooseymcman)

Are there Gundam fans on the site who are also tactical fans?
Are there Gundam fans on the site who are also tactical fans?

Is Severed Steel a “hidden gem” that people sleep on? MooseyMcMan goes to the site to write a comprehensive essay calling the game “One Trick Ponies” but they commend One Trick Ponies! read more!

Topics of discussion

Giant Bomb Community Run XIII Announcement Subject (From: @thatpinguino)

Donate what you can save and spread the word!
Donate what you can save and spread the word!

As mentioned earlier, the next Giant Bomb Community Endurance Run is underway, and for those who don’t know, it’s the website’s Spring Charity Fundraiser! If you’d like to join or just want to know how to help, please click the link above.

The Suicide Squad gets another delay; The release date has now been set for February 2024. (From: @zombiepie)

Oh my god, what’s going on with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League? The game was delayed for the third time and has been in active development since 2010/2012. What part of the difficulty of the game do you attribute to using the live service model?

Did I accidentally get the paddles to work on my DualSense Edge controller? (From: @axl159)

Some swear by manually adjusting the paddles on the DualSense Edge controller to make them orientate as shown in the thread. Do any of you have any thoughts? Are you a “Horizontal Team” or a “Vertical Team”?

Redfall will launch on Xbox consoles in quality mode only; The PC version will have Denuvo (From: @zombiepie)

What do you think happened behind the scenes that caused this game to turn into a mess?
What do you think happened behind the scenes that caused this game to turn into a mess?

Redfall launches on Xbox consoles with a 30fps cap, while the PC version will feature Denuvo. Will any of these events impact your decision to buy or check out the game when it releases on Game Pass?

Any highlights/snippets from the Dreamhack event with GB/GS/Fandom? (From: @bisonhero)

Calling all members of the Giant Bomb community! What moments or segments of the Dreamhack event with Fandom and GameSpot did you enjoy? Were there moments with Emma, ​​Bailey or Dave that made you laugh?


Games where the player character dynamically moves his hand over the wheat, like in the movie Gladiator (From: @shami_sansi)

For the record, that's what this list is looking for, but in video game form.
For the record, that’s what this list is looking for, but in video game form.

Sometimes people ask why Giant Bomb still has user lists. With its very specific criteria that no other website would ever guess, this is a perfect example of why. If you can think of more examples, send us YOUR SUGGESTIONS!

User Reviews


@vyzndrs Clash: Artifacts of Chaos Giant Bomb’s review applauds the game for all of its creative ideas and ambitions, but raises some concerns about what they consider to be “imperfect” design choices.

Wiki of the week


Learn more about the unusual popularity of 3DO in Japan!
Learn more about the unusual popularity of 3DO in Japan!

The @borgmaster blog series was a good enough reason to honor the 3DO platform page on the site, especially since the console is celebrating 20 years since its launch. Was the console ultimately unsuccessful? Sure, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a story to tell!

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Metal Gear Solid 3 voice actor teases Snake Eater remake



Metal Gear Solid voice actress and vocalist Donna Burke has once again left Metal Gear fans hoping that a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake might be on the way.

Today, Burke shared a photo of herself at work and three simple words – “recording in progress” – but the accompanying photo caught the most attention:

Further tweets in which Burke writes: “Nothing beats working with good people. Nothing. Thank you for today to Mason Lieberman (Director) and Yusuke Mori (Engineer) and Tomomi Ura (EA)”, also made tongue-tied as eagle-eyed fans are convinced that the attached photos have an excerpt from the text of the Snake Eater main theme (thank you, PlayStation Lifestyle):

We already know that a) Konami is firmly on board with the remake, and b) the publisher is leaky as a colander at the moment, but without official confirmation from the Japanese firm, all we can do now is mark it again with chalk. like a rumor. However, given that Burke’s tweets haven’t been deleted yet, I’d say it’s an adorable and very deliberate prank. However, as always, we will keep you updated.

Actor Oscar Isaac recently said he was still “hopeful” that the long-awaited Metal Gear Solid movie would come out.

News Release: Are Unreal Engine Procedural Generation and Ubisoft’s Ghostwriter the Future of Game Development?

In an interview about his upcoming graphic novel, Isaac was asked to provide updates on the film and he graciously agreed, although he did not provide any credible information about the progress of the film.

“We want it to happen,” Isaac said. “Be excited. What scenario? What’s the story? […] But I hope that this will come true, because there is a lot of potential for this.”

“This is an incredible game. This is my favorite game,” he confirmed.

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