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Honkai: Star Rail – where to find all the Eidolon pioneers



Honkai: StarRail’With The trailblazer is not just a one-time character. Like the Traveler in Genshin Impact, the Pathfinder can withstand a variety of weaknesses due to his ability to control more than one element. Each element also gives them the opportunity to play completely different roles depending on the team. Unfortunately, the Trailblazer also has a unique unlock method. Eidolons compared to other characters.

Eidolons are copies of characters that unlock additional abilities for each of them. For example, if you already have Dan Heng, but you draw it from the banner again, then this copy will give you an item that unlocks his first Eidolon (E1). You can unlock up to six Eidolons per character before Star Rail converts additional characters to another currency that can be spent in the in-game store.