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Electrical clitoral stimulation may treat low libido in women



Stress, hormonal changes, and health issues can all affect libido.

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Stimulation of the clitoris with electrical impulses can increase arousal to treat low libido. In a small study, helping with an hour of stimulation increased women’s arousal by several points on a scale of 1 to 5, including some participants with spinal cord injuries that affect their ability to experience genital sensation.

Some degree of sexual dysfunction affects perceived 2 out of 5 premenopausal women worldwide. Symptoms vary in severity and may include lack of arousal, attempts to reach orgasm, and sensation of pain…

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Dirty bomb antidote: drug trials begin in US



There will be “intense safety monitoring” and results from the first phase of the study are expected in 2024, said study leaders from SRI International in Menlo Park, Calif., which receives funding from the US government agency, the National Institutes of Health.

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The 13 Best Golf Pants for Men in 2023, Reviewed by Golf Experts




Like casual pants, golf pants come in a variety of cuts: skinny, classic, tapered, and sometimes sporty. Golf pants are usually designed to add more space to the seat and quads, so if you like a slim fit, you can go out and buy a skinny golf pants and still look the way you like with the extra space already built in. in your pants. A classic fit will be almost a straight fit and look baggy, but it can also look cool if done right. What’s great about classic cut golf pants is that they have more room to play.

In our honest opinion, we think that good skinny golf pants are the best fit for most guys. It slims in all the right areas while still providing a roomy fit where you need it most. Skinny golf pants will also look stylish when worn off the course after a game. As for joggers, we only recommend this golf trouser cut if you are already wearing jeans and joggers.


These days, golf pants will come in a variety of combinations. As mentioned earlier, most golf pants will be made from fabrics that have a certain amount of stretch and moisture wicking, however each pants will have its own way of combining these characteristics. For example, sometimes golf pants are made to be lightweight and cool in the first place, so the fabric may lose some strength and comfort during the design process. On the other hand, a brand may want to make golf pants durable and comfortable (almost like chinos), but the trade-off is that they will be slightly heavier and retain more heat.


Unless you’re playing tournament golf or playing multiple times a week, good golf pants should provide versatility when worn. We’ve selected all of our top golf pants above with lifestyle considerations, so any of the pants we recommend will be acceptable to wear when you’re not playing to some extent. However, some of these trousers we recommend are more versatile than others. Golf pants from Wilson, Lululemon and TravisMathew will be the most acceptable off-golf wear. The golf pants we recommend above from adidas and Footjoy will be the least versatile as they have a more traditional cut and look, but they’re still well constructed enough to wear off the course and keep you hanging out. like a sore thumb.

dress code

Golf courses are pretty relaxed in dress code these days, but it’s smart to always wear a collar and look presentable when you show up at the game. When it comes to bottoms, you can wear golf shorts on most courses, but you can never go wrong with golf pants. The PGA Tour still does not allow professionals to wear shorts during actual tournament competition, showing that there are still some rules indicating that golf pants should be worn instead of shorts.

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Amazon Omics Announces Direct Storage Upload and New Automated Capabilities



At the annual AWS Life Sciences Executive Symposium, the company announced new Amazon Omics capabilities to help customers build, run, and scale 35 Ready2Run workflows from Element Biosciences, NVIDIA, and Sentieon Inc.


Large scale omics data analysis typically requires specialized bioinformatics workflows to process datasets.

For cases where customers want to run standard analysis workflows without any changes, Amazon Omics now allows healthcare organizations to use Sentieon’s Ready2Run, NVIDIA Parabricks and Element Biosciences, as well as open source pipelines including GATK best practices, nf-core scRNAseq AlphaFold and ESMFold for protein prediction.

AWS announced its blog The new multi-part direct upload API allows customers to upload their data directly to the Omics store and write their output to the sequence store “in minutes”.

According to the announcement, workflows can also be converted to private workflows to support larger files. The transfer manager utility has also been updated to directly download these large files with a single Python command.

In addition to direct data ingestion, other updates include the ability to:

  • Leverage NVIDIA T4 and a10 GPUs in Omics workflows to support compute-intensive pipelines and simplify queries and case analysis.
  • Automatically parse variant data containing a variant effect predictor annotation into a separate data structure.
  • Take advantage of Amazon EventBridge integration and use published events as part of an event-driven architecture.


In November, AWS launched the Amazon Omics precision medicine cloud platform to eliminate the need for specialized infrastructure and workflows.

The platform uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other products and services from AWS and partners to run IT-intensive bioinformatics workflows.

A combination of multiple clinical practices is key to providing care at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, said Jeff Pennington, associate vice president and chief scientist for computer science.

“With Amazon Omics, we can expand our understanding of our patients’ health, down to their DNA,” Pennington said in the launch announcement.


“The ease of use, scalability, and transparency of AWS Ready2Run workflows for GATK Best Practices, NVIDIA Parabricks, and Sentieon pipelines greatly reduces barriers to bioinformatics at any scale,” said Dr. Daniel S.T. Hughes, director of bioinformatics at the Institute for Genomic Medicine and the Precision Genomics Laboratory at Columbia University Medical Center, said:

“Combined with native integration into the AWS analytics ecosystem, this should significantly accelerate the pace of clinical genomics.”

Andrea Fox is a senior editor at Healthcare IT News.

Healthcare IT News is a publication of HIMSS Media.

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