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Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023 Guide: Medallions, Armor, New Scout Rifle, and Exotics



The Destiny 2 Guardian Games annual event is back in 2023 with some changes, new rewards and an event card. As always, it’s a class event that sees Titans vs. Warlocks vs. Hunters for the right to show off next year. Here’s the full rundown of what you need to know about earning medallions, scoring in Supremacy, and earning the new Scout Rifle, Exotic Sparrow, and Scion Catalyst.

How to start Guardian games

To get started, visit the Tower and talk to Eva Levante. The tower is adorned with a bunch of Olympic decorations and Eva will be the top seller throughout the event.

Eva will give you a new Guardian Games class item and you must keep it equipped during the event. Completing quests with this class item will earn you medallions, the currency used to advance your class to victory and earn rewards. You should also note that a class item is required to progress through certain rewards offered by Eva.

New Guardian Games armor and Strand reconnaissance rifle.

Eventually Eva will ask you to speak to Zavala and Shaxx to complete the scale of the event, but you need to make sure you buy your first card from Eva. This will unlock the ability to purchase Guardian Games rewards and get you started on the main part of the event.

Your first real task is to get the medallion and then redeem it from the kiosk in the Tower. You can take part in the Crucible Quick Match or any other activity you wish. Once that’s done, return to the Tower and visit the catwalk behind the Eve. Visit the appropriate node for your class to accumulate any medallions you have earned from completing this quest step and contribute to your class progress – all players of the same class will contribute during the event.

This first event challenge should earn you some rewards (more on that below) and unlock access to the other 16 event challenges.

How to earn gold and platinum medallions

Completion of activities

As noted above, you will earn medallions regardless of the activity you are playing as long as you are wearing your Guardian Games class item. But while you’ll mostly earn bronze medallions by completing standard quests, there are a few other ways to get medallions of higher rarity.

Challenger/Platinum Cards

V the main method to obtain gold and platinum medallions is through challenger cards (1000 blinks) and platinum cards (1500 blinks). what Eva sells. They give you a random target tied to the specific type of cards you buy – the Crucible might ask you to earn Void or Solar Strikes in the Crucible, for example. These cards are repurchasable, but the catch is that you can only hold one PvE card and one that covers Crucible and Gambit, meaning you can’t stack them. In any case, for the most part, these maps cover various activities; for example, you won’t be able to work on objectives in the Lost Sector during a raid.

Challenger cards award a gold medallion upon completion, while platinum cards award platinum medallions. You can stack rewards from Eva and other vendors, but they will only reward with a mix of experience and bright dust, not anything that specifically advances your progression in the Guardian Games.

Event issues

Event Challenges open up another path to medallions, albeit a limited number.

Event Challenges with Gold Medallions:

  • bronze – bench medallions; higher ones give more progress
  • Silver – Bank medallions; higher ones give more progress
  • In the Cards – Complete 15 Challenger and Platinum cards from Eve.
  • Pull Some Strings – Defeat targets or help out teammates with Strand’s damage and abilities.
  • Friendly Rivalry – Complete Crucible, Gambit, or Supremacy matches.
  • Cloudrunning – Complete activities on Neptune

Event Challenges with Platinum Medallions:

  • Good Games – Defeat objectives in Supremacy matches or Guardian Games playlists.
  • Accept the challenge – complete the Guardians Ops Nightfalls games
  • Crest Collector – Earn points in Dominance by collecting crests from defeated foes.

test torches

As an added incentive, you can work through Fight for supremacy quests This includes earning points in Guardian games, starting with Supremacy matches, to reach certain thresholds – starting with Bronze and working your way up. By following these steps, you will be able to ignite the scoring torches in the Tower, which will bring you rewards and a glow that will help you stand out from the crowd and showcase your contribution to the development of your class.

Event card

As in the past, the event card is an optional aspect of this seasonal event. Everyone receives an event card and can work on their respective event challenges and triumphs, the latter of which may unlock new champion title (as well as the Reveler title, which includes completing all 16 challenges from four seasonal events).

But you can also upgrade your Event Card for 1000 Silver, which will immediately grant you three rewards: the Championship Dance Emote, the Burnstormer Sparrow, and the Coronal Blossom shader. In addition, you can use Event Tickets that you earn by completing challenges to unlock other rewards: the Gridiron Shell Ghost Shell, the Darts Emote, the Colorful Motes Effects Transfer Effect, and the Medal Collector Projection. All of these items available as part of the event card are purely cosmetic. If you are not sure how much progress you will make, you can wait with the event map update until the end of the event.

Rewards: New Scout Rifle, Armor, Exotics, and more.

In addition to the event card, you can earn a number of rewards just by playing. There are various rewards associated with each challenge of the event, as noted above, and two weapons available as part of the Guardian Games.

The first is the returning Void submachine gun. Name. While not a new weapon, it does have new perk capabilities, the most notable of which is the Repulsor Brace.


Other weapons are brand new: Taraxippus. This is the first Strand Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 to fit in the Kinetic weapon slot.

Both weapons have an optional lineage trait selection in the fifth column, which includes a new option, Classy Contender. This causes weapon kills to grant class ability energy. You should get both guns shortly after the Guardian Games start, but you need to keep practicing to get your perfect perk rolls.

Within the Guardian Games there are new exotic sparrow to earn under the name Luminous Paragon. This can be obtained by completing the Platinum Event challenge, which involves accumulating a significant number of medallions on the podium over the course of the event.

After cashing in enough medallions, you will receive the Competitive Catalyst quest. This will set you on the path to unlocking the Heir Catalyst, which apparently can only be obtained during the Guardian Games.

So new armor set for each class. They can be purchased directly from the Eververse Store for 1500 Silver, just like the equivalent 2021 and 2022 Guardian Games Decoration Packs. Alternatively, each of these three sets for each class can be purchased for 6000 Bright Dust – a hefty amount, but a good way to get these cosmetics with the currency you earn in the game.

New Guardian Games 2023 Armor Ornaments for Hunters, Titans and Warlocks
New Guardian Games 2023 Armor Ornaments for Hunters, Titans and Warlocks

Finally, there are other rewards that you can get for tasks located in the directory. Completing five Dominance matches in a given week will earn you the Pinnacle Reward, and progress is doubled if you join the Dominance playlist. (Your standard weekly Pinnacle Challenge “Play 3 matches in the Crucible” also runs through these matches.) In addition, you can earn a Powerful Tier 1 reward by redeeming 25 podium medallions each week.


Supremacy is a new game mode in Destiny 2 that returns from the original Destiny. Those who have played Call of Duty’s Kill Confirmed or its many imitators will feel right at home here. This is a deathmatch style team mode where points are awarded only for collecting items dropped from killed enemies. Enemies can be stripped of these points by picking up items dropped by your fallen teammates, making it important not only to kill and avoid death, but also to make tactical decisions about how and when to collect these crests.

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US Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) introduced today a bill that will make social media companies responsible for adding online protections for children. The Children’s Online Safety Act (KOSA) was first introduced in February last year (with support from the same couple), but was never introduced on the Senate floor due to backlash from advocacy groups. The updated legislation “provides specific tools to stop big tech companies from distributing toxic content to children and hold them accountable for putting profit over safety,” Blumenthal said. It follows a separate bill introduced last month with a similar goal.

Like the original KOSA, the updated bill would require annual independent audits by “experts and academic researchers” to force unregulated social media companies to address online dangers posed to children. However, the updated legislation attempts to address the issues that led to the collapse of its previous version, namely that its overbroad nature could do more harm than good by requiring young users to be monitored and censored. EFF described The February 2022 bill was called “an oppressive plan to force platforms to spy on youth” that “fails to properly distinguish between harmful and non-harmful content, leaving politically motivated state attorneys general to determine what harms children.” One of the main concerns is that states may use contrived definitions to ban content for political purposes.”

The rewritten bill adds new safeguards for services such as the National Suicide Hotline, LGBTQ+ youth centers and substance abuse organizations to avoid unnecessary harm. In addition, it will force social platforms to provide minors with the ability to protect their information, disable addictive features, and opt out of algorithmic recommendations. (Social platforms will need to enable the most restrictive settings by default.) It will also give parents “new controls to help support their children and identify harmful behavior” and children will be offered a “dedicated channel for reporting harm” on the platform. In addition, it will specifically ban advocacy for suicide, eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual exploitation, and the use of “illicit products for minors” such as gambling, drugs, and alcohol. Finally, social media companies will be required to provide “academic and community organizations” with data to help them investigate the impact of social media on the safety and well-being of minors.

The American Psychological Association, Common Sense Media and other advocacy groups support the updated bill. It has 26 co-sponsors from both sides, including legislators ranging from Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) to Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Blackburn told CNBC today that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) “one hundred percent supports this bill and efforts to protect children online.”

Despite senators’ renewed optimism about the passage of the bill, some organizations believe it is still too broad to avoid negative repercussions. “The changes made to the bill in no way solve our problems,” said Evan Greer, director of digital rights advocacy group Fight For the Future, in a statement emailed to Engadget. “If Senator Blumenthal’s office were ready to meet with us, we could explain why. I can see where the changes have been made try to solve problems, but they are unable to do so. Even with new changes, this bill will allow far-right Attorneys General to dictate which content platforms can recommend to younger users.”

The ACLU also opposes the revived bill. “KOSA’s core approach continues to threaten the privacy, safety and freedom of expression of both minors and adults as platforms of all stripes replace their users and censor their content under the guise of a ‘duty of care’,” ACLU senior policy adviser Cody Wencke. said CNBC. “To achieve this, the bill will legitimize platforms’ already widespread data collection to determine which users are underage when it should aim to curb these data abuses. In addition, parental guidance in the online life of minors is critical, but KOSA mandates the use of surveillance tools regardless of domestic situations or the safety of minors. KOSA will be a step backwards in making the Internet a safer place for children and minors.”

Blumenthal argues that the bill was “deliberately narrowed down” to prevent harm. “I think we have responded very directly and effectively to such a proposal,” he said at a press conference. “Obviously, our door remains open. We are ready to listen and discuss other types of proposals that are being made. And we’ve talked to a lot of the critically acclaimed groups, and some of them have actually dropped their opposition, as I think you’ll hear in response to today’s session. So I think our bill has been clarified and improved in a way that meets some of the criticism. We will not solve all the problems of the world with one bill. But we are making a measurable, very important start.”

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