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50 scenes missing from the Fox X-Files revival



People are often surprised to learn that I, Brian Phillips, enjoy hanging out with celebrities in glamorous situations and surroundings. “But Brian,” they exclaim, wide-eyed over a frappuccino straw, “you are a serious writer! How can you waste your time on all this rubbish?”

My answer is always the same. “Listen,” I say with a slight smile, “if Thomas Mann could write Doctor Faust in the Pacific Palisades without even sunbathing, there’s no reason I can’t… something something something.I sort of mumble the last part into my drink. This is a trick I learned from Kirsten Dunst.

Case in point: last night I went to a show of a new secret materials series at The London, an exclusive Hollywood hotel. Glen Morgan was there. Glen Morgan is a little guy that I like to call “producer Secret materials, a television series that aired on Fox from 1993 to 2002, starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. In fact, it is not at all small, not huge, but it has some kind of mass. If I had to use one word to describe the physical size of Glen Morgan, I would call it “average”. There are many people of different heights in the world, and this guy is one of the normal ones.

Then there were the cocktails.

Whatever you say about Hollywood, but it was an exciting experience. My brain as a serious writer has been completely occupied with things like the meaning of America and what’s going on with Mulder and Scully these days. Now I know both in the most important and profound sense. I would like to share this knowledge with you. However, I can’t. Because of the spoilers. Ever since George R.R. Martin informed me that Tyrion is killing Daenerys at the end of the last book, I’ve been afraid of accidentally revealing a major spoiler on the Internet. In addition, the PR man who greeted me in the cinema explained that she would “damn it.” [me]if i’m breathing[d] a word about it all, you [extremely handsome man]”.

Like I said, I love hanging out with celebrities.

What am I Maybe tell you that Not happen in the new Secret materials. So many things don’t happen! And each new underdevelopment is more shocking than the previous one. Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the most exciting secret materials development of the plot, which is not and never will be.


Rommel Demano/WireImage David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in New York in October 2013.

1. Mulder doesn’t ask for more caipirinhas and then says, “Heh. I like this word. Caipirinha“.

2. The cigarette smoker never sits up in bed with annoyance and snaps: “God, Velasquez, when is this No Is it time to take out the processing? an alien lying next to him.

3. Scully doesn’t order certain trays online at all.

4. At the end of a dark alley, where the light of a lone street lamp gleams on the rain-slick pavement, Scully doesn’t find the pop-up taqueria where this guy Jonathan is making churros.

5. I could tell you that this series explores the politics of mulch production, but I’d be lying because that’s another thing that doesn’t happen.

6. Mulder doesn’t look out the window at the US Capitol building and whispers, “Monsters, yes. I don’t think I will.”

7. You know who else doesn’t? Any.

8th. Mulder simply never booked a trip to Africa on the grounds that “hippos just feel like X-File”.

9. By no means is it revealed that FBI assistant director Walter Skinner is joining Kickstarter to seek funding for his “elegantly bound novelization” of Infocom. Leather goddesses of Phobos.

10 The word “copyleft” is not common.

eleven. Jonathan, who doesn’t make churros, doesn’t tell Scully that “it’s because of the cinnamon” and then chokes “I said too much” and then gets shot in the head by a Venus sniper.

12. Then Mulder and Scully don’t stumble upon a mysterious low white building in the middle of a cinnamon field, where blank-faced workers in white hazmat suits look like they’re processing cinnamon, but at the same time they seem to be doing something else. .

13. Deep Throat doesn’t rise from the dead and yell “Surprise friends! It’s me, deepthroat!”

14 In the entire timeline of the new series, there is not a day when the conspirators openly admit that they would make a shitty water polo team.

15 You may have read on internet forums that there are few trays in Scully’s apartment. I do not know what to tell you; she doesn’t buy new ones.

16 The camera doesn’t slowly zoom in on cancer-eating mutant Leonard Betts as he makes a long, sumptuous friend’s ice cream cone slime, and then keeps zooming in, closer and closer, all the way to his insane, dead eye as he mutters, “This tastes disgusting.” “.

17 “That’s right: I said ice cream tasted nasty compared to cancer,” Betts doesn’t add. “Put your mouth on Whatice cream on Twitter.

18 Mulder doesn’t throw a soccer ball over the swing in extremely slow motion while a husky, serious male voice-over breaks his mechanics.

19 I don’t want to go into details about Scully’s Java classes, but suffice it to say that she doesn’t attend them.

20 Scully’s daughter, Emily, died in season 5. In the new series, Emily doesn’t go to prom, she doesn’t comically juggle two dates, and her two dates are the unsettled twin gentlemen portrayed by Kelsey Grammer.

21 “To hell with the UFO,” the Smoking Man on the boat doesn’t say. Then hey Really does not run his fingers through his hair and does not shout: “I have lion curls!”

22 Scully does not write to her friend Allison that the Cigarette Smoking Man is “something of a jerk”.

23 Okay, let’s talk about vaping. I shouldn’t, but I know you have questions. I’m not saying that Smezznor, the alien overlord of the Milky Way created when Samantha Mulder’s genes were spliced ​​with Alex Krycek, is off the hook. I V saying that Smezznor, the compulsively hovering king of the galaxy, is a stupid idea and that he doesn’t exist.

24 The trail of the cinnamon plot doesn’t lead Mulder and Scully to a bombed-out mosque in Tangier, where Mulder doesn’t pause in his investigation to loudly chastise all the verses to the Big Sean song.Dance ($$)“.

25 Therefore, many fans of the show are wondering what happened to the beloved secret materials Peggy Little’s mainstay, Skinner’s long-suffering secretary. I’m kidding. In fact, no one is interested, because there is no such character.

26 “Did you see this, Mulder?” Scully doesn’t whisper when she presses the play button on the latest YouTube video about the funny octopus. “This octopus frightening to me.”

27 If Scully dating a doll – I say If here and If that the Muppet is a doctor. Teeth, their third date isn’t at the international aikido championship.

28 Alfred Hitchcock is not directing the episodes (Alfred Hitchcock is dead).

29 No one, including Luther Lee Boggs, the serial killer who terrorized Scully in the classic episode “Over the Sea,” gave Scully trays.

thirty The Mulder Book Club doesn’t read. time traveler’s wife – and if so, then Mulder does not finish the novel.

31 Did you know Grantland has interns? We do and they do a fantastic job. Hi guys! It’s just not fantastic enough for either of them to appear in Secret materials.

32 Similarly, your own mom doesn’t portray former FBI Special Agent Dana Scully, the show’s protagonist. Unless your mom is Gillian Anderson… in which case, don’t give anything away, but you power I want to attend the premiere.

33 “Uber, but for alien invasions,” Mulder doesn’t write, biting his fist in embarrassment.

34 Literally zero storylines involve finding a new tour bus for Stephen Malkmus and Jix.

35 The following exchange does not occur at all:

MULDER: We’re in Las Vegas, Scully.

SCULLY: Ha ha ha, like Vancouver?

MULDER: No, Scully, this is Las Vegas, Nevada, where we came to uncover the X-Files.

SCULLY: I’m just saying there must be tall pine trees in Las Vegas?

MULDER: Scully!

SCULLY: I just don’t usually think of “silent forest grandeur” when I think of Vegas.

MULDER: Why are you always messing things up, Scully?

36 Mulder never introduced himself as “Fox Mulder, an avid interpreter of creatures and their ways.”

37 Seventeen minutes of the third episode of the new series is not devoted to static shots of the tray passage at Target.

38 A well-manicured man doesn’t introduce his two new conspiracy buddies, The Man Who Orders Expensive Basketball Shoes on eBay, and Josh, who is still in Normcore.

39 No one swims 1,100 miles in freezing water just to hit a whale. This show is not about that.

40 Also, the following exchange does not occur:

SCULLY: Well, Mulder, you don’t have to be a semanticist to understand that the main contradiction in progressive online discourse is that its commitment to the holiness of the individual person includes an ever-increasing emphasis on all the ways in which that holiness can be achieved. violated … the problem is that we live in a moment when a heightened sense of the value of the individual threatens to give rise to a correspondingly heightened sense of its essential weakness.

MULDER: I don’t want to disagree with you, Scully, but the problem is magical tarantulas.

41 Mulder doesn’t end a lengthy reading of his memoirs by saying, “And so, my friends, I entered Remodelista for the first time.”

42 Mulder and Scully don’t stop having sex to high five after one of them jokes “oh, now the truth is out there.”

43 Mulder and Scully don’t spend three hours chatting about whether “Balerion Black Terror” is a great dragon name, a super-clichéd dragon name, or weirdly both.

44 The reanimated corpse of Deep Throat does not say, “Friends, I long for one thing and one thing only, and that is AM Crunchwraps.”

45 In Antarctica, where a secret military facility has finally been discovered that harvests cinnamon spliced ​​with an alien genome – cinnamon that cannot be handled for more than a few seconds without causing the death of non-mutated or “pre-transcendent” people – Mulder and Scully do not realize with growing desperation that the world is doomed because they can’t take the cinnamon to a lab where it can be destroyed because Scully was about to get new trays, but oops, looks like someone forgot.

46 Mulder does not audition for the role of Mrs. Fairfax in a community theater production. Jane Eyre.

47 “It was a throbbing night on Phobos and the fucking trees were foaming in the starlight,” is not how Walter Skinner’s Kickstarter novel begins at all.

48 Samantha Mulder doesn’t come back from a longer than expected trip to the store and say, “Wait, you thought I What?

49 “I’m changing the name to Area 52,” the First Elder declines to announce, adding, “It’s time to take this alien activity up a notch.”

50 The plot doesn’t make sense.

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Norval Morrisseau: Filmmaker fights police after raw footage confiscated



A Canadian documentary filmmaker whose film helped police crack one of the art world’s biggest fraud cases has been forced to hand over source material to Ontario police as part of a production order.

Jamie Kastner is the director of the 2019 documentary No Fakes, which exposes a fraudulent network that passed off fake paintings as originals by famed indigenous artist Norval Morrisseau, known for his colorful paintings depicting the natural world and indigenous mythology. . The eye-opening film, which premiered at Toronto’s Hot Docs, revealed that there were 10 times more Morrisseau fakes on the market than real works, and that the artist’s own nephew may have been involved in facilitating the production of fakes.

The film’s release inspired investigators in Thunder Bay, Ontario to investigate the case, and in early March police made eight arrests and 40 charges in addition to confiscating 1,000 fake Morrisseau paintings. However, as part of the ongoing investigation, investigators also placed a production order on Kastner, a legally enforceable order that ordered the director to hand over all source material. The director and his lawyer are now fighting to ensure that documents that have not yet been opened are sealed.

“We have to fight this because it goes against the basics of journalistic freedom and the need to protect our sources,” Kastner says. Diversity. “If talking to documenters and journalists becomes synonymous with talking to the police, no one will ever talk to us.”

Diversity understands that the authorities conducted a 2.5-year investigation into this case involving more than 90 police officers from different jurisdictions. They are believed to have taken 271 applications – compared to 17 interviews Kastner gave for the film.

“They interviewed the vast majority of people in my film, independently of each other,” Kastner says. “I don’t understand how they can claim they can’t get information in any other way when they were interviewed themselves.”

A likely scenario is that the police want to cross-reference the statements he made with material obtained by Kastner years ago to ensure consistency. Both Thunder Bay Police and the Ontario Provincial Police, also known as the OPP, who are jointly investigating, declined to comment on the story or explain their reasons for the seizure of the footage.

In the picture, from left to right: Norval Morrisseau’s fake painting “Spiritual Energy of Mother Earth” from which the investigation began; Jamie Kastner

Kastner’s attorney, Ian McKinnon, is a partner at Linden & Associates, a Toronto law firm specializing in media and intellectual property law. Diversity the case is likely to be an “uphill battle”, especially since Kastner’s sources are not confidential and were openly interviewed in the film.

The team disputes the production order and hope to obtain an affidavit from the police outlining their reasons for the production order to go to court. (The court must be satisfied that there are good legal grounds for making an order to testify under oath.) McKinnon also hopes that the Journalist Source Protection Act, a major amendment to the Canadian Penal Code that came into force in 2017, will help the filmmaker’s case.

The JSPA serves to protect the privacy of journalistic sources and helps protect a journalist’s right to privacy when collecting or disseminating information. The law is also a two-part test: first, it requires the police and the Crown not to establish a reasonable alternative means of obtaining information, and second, that the public interest in prosecuting the crime for which material is being sought outweighs the interests of the journalist . interested in privacy in protecting their work.

However, McKinnon, referring to two recent Canadian media cases, R. v. CBC and R vs. Virtanen, who has tried and failed to use the JSPA, admits that “more often than not, courts favor the police because they feel that if it has anything to do with prosecution of defendants, they are quick to crack down on journalists’ rights.”

The lawyer, however, warns of the “chilling” effect that production orders on journalists and documentary makers could have on the media landscape.

“Interviewees may be willing to be interviewed by a journalist, but they may not want to talk to the police for their own good reasons,” McKinnon says. “If people start thinking that every time they talk to a journalist, [the journalist’s] records and records will be turned over to the police and used against them, they may be less willing to speak.”

Another major problem is that the police will begin to view journalists as just another tool for investigating crimes, and reporters will not be seen as independent police watchdogs.

“Journalists may have to start destroying records and records they need for their own protection if someone comes back and sues them,” McKinnon says. “This puts journalists in a very difficult position.”

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“Shazam!” The director is ready to abandon the “superhero discourse”



David F. Sandberg and Rachel Zegler Urge Critics of Shazam! Fury of the Gods” on Twitter.

Superhero sequel by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. debuted in theaters over the weekend and grossed a disappointing $30.5 million, beating relatively modest expectations of $35 million.

This makes him one of the worst opening weekend performers for the DC Comics franchise, ahead of only Wonder Woman 1984 and The Suicide Squad. both came out during the pandemic and were made available for streaming immediately upon release.

On Rotten Tomatoes, The Tomatometer received a critical acclaim of 53% on Monday afternoon, with an audience score of 88%.

Rachel Zegler, who plays Anthea, Atlas’ youngest daughter, in the Shazam sequel, reacted to this weekend’s poor box office performance by urging people on Twitter to give the film a shot.

“Hey, our movie is really good!” Zegler tweeted Saturday. “but mostly I just really enjoyed doing it and the people I met doing it 🙂 go and see! give it a chance. we have 85% of the audience for a reason.”

“Some people out there are just… needlessly mean” she continued. “And it’s unnecessary. and I know, I know, “if you can’t handle the heat…” and all that nonsense, and you’re right. but our film is actually very good. it’s just cool to hate fun these days. This is fine. were good.”

On Monday, director David F. Sandberg also lamented the reaction to the film, tweeting that it had just received the “lowest critic score” for Rotten Tomatoes and the “highest audience score for the same film.”

“Critically, I didn’t expect a repeat of the first movie, but I was still a little surprised because I think it’s a good movie. Well, the Swedish filmmaker. tweeted.

The first Shazam! The film earned $53.5 million in its opening weekend of 2019.

‘Annabelle: Creation’ director completes his tweet a thread saying that he has no regrets about making “Shazam!” movies “if only for a minute”, but was looking forward to switching off from the stresses of “online superhero discourse” and returning to the horror genre.

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Amanda Bynes’ Parents Not Considering Another Custody Due To Mental Hold



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