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2023 NFL Draft: UDFA tracker



2023 NFL Draft in the books. A project that started on Thursday evening when Carolina Panthers selected Alabama quarterback Bryce Young, who placed first overall, came close to the end of Saturday night when Los Angeles Rams added Toledo defender Desjouan Johnson, who made him Mr. Olympia this season. Unrelated.”

However, as much as you’d like to turn the page of the 2024 NFL Draft and start screaming about USC quarterback Caleb Williams, UNC quarterback Drake May, Ohio wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., Penn State forward Olumuyeva Fashanu and the rest of the potential future classes, we have one last thing to do.

Undrafted free agents.

As the final round draws to a close, many players begin to hope that they will not be drafted, allowing them to sign with a team of their choice. There are more talented players out there and we will track all signings for you here at Sat nation.

We promise we’ll start screaming about Williams and company on Monday.

  • Louisville QB Malik Cunningham signs with New England Patriots, Tom Pelissero. According to Pelissero, it was “competitionfor Cunningham, whose contract includes a $30,000 signing bonus and a $170,000 base salary.
  • Kansas State QB Adrian Martinez signs with Detroit LionsTo Pelissero.
  • ND State TE Noah Gindorf signs contract with Seattle SeahawksTo Pelissero.
  • Hunter Lupke, ND FB signs with Dallas CowboysTo Pelissero.
  • Clemson wide receiver Joseph Ngata signs with Philly EaglesTo Pelissero.
  • Malik Hall, South East Oklahoma LB, signs a contract with New York JetsTo Pelissero.
  • Georgia Technologies RB Hassan Hall signs with Cleveland BrownsTo Pelisserofor a deal that includes $125,000 guaranteed.
  • Mississippi LB Tyrus Wheat signs a $185,000 guaranteed contract with the Cowboys, plus a $20,000 signing bonus each. Pelissero.
  • Virginia RB Darius Hagans signs with Indianapolis ColtsTo Pelissero.
  • Arkansas State QB James Blackman signs with Miami DolphinsTo Pelissero.
  • Kansas State WR Cade Warner — son of Kurt Warner — signs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, according to Pelissero.
  • Baylor CBA Mark Milton signs with the Carolina Panthers. Pelissero.
  • RB Hazavian Walladay of Arizona signs $175,000 Guarantee Agreement with Houston Texans. Mike Garafolo.
  • Minnesota running back Mohamed Ibrahim signed with the Detroit Lions. Pelissero. The deal includes $100,000 guaranteed.
  • Washington Capitals forward Jackson Kirkland signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. Pelissero.
  • Holy Cross linebacker Liam Anderson has signed with the Colts. Pelissero.
  • Central Michigan tight end Joel Wilson signs with the New Orleans Saints. Pelissero.
  • Georgia kicker Jack Podlesny signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Pelissero.
  • Samuel Jackson, a Central Florida offensive lineman, not an actor, signs with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Pelissero.
  • Oklahoma WR Baptist Kaylan Harris signs with the Atlanta Falcons. Pelissero.
  • Notre Dame defenseman Jason Ademilola has signed with the Jaguars. Pelissero.
  • Rutgers defenseman Avery Young has signed with the San Francisco 49ers. Pelissero.
  • Western Kentucky cornerback Kahlef Heilassi signed with the Jets. Pelissero.
  • Jacob Slade, Michigan State Linebacker, signed with the Arizona Cardinals. Pelissero. The deal includes $200,000 guaranteed.
  • East Carolina running back Keaton Mitchell posted on his Instagram that he signed with the Baltimore Ravens.
  • Utah Jazz forward Mohamud Diabate has signed with the Browns. Pelissero. The contract includes a guaranteed $250,000.
  • Tulane Safety Larry Brooks III signs with the Bengals, for Pelissero.
  • USC DL Brandon Pealy signs with Miami Pelissero. The deal includes $100,000 guaranteed.
  • Arkansas-Pine Bluff OL Mark Evans II, who excelled at the Shrine Bowl, signs with the Saints, according to Pelissero.
  • Southern Miss WR Jason Brownlee signs with the Jets Pelissero.
  • Shepherd quarterback Tyson Bagent has signed with the Chicago Bears. Pelissero.
  • Houston LB Donavan Mutin signs with the Colts Pelissero. The deal includes $100,000 guaranteed.
  • Kent State Kent State Nico Bolden signed with the Panthers. Pelissero.
  • Rice pass rusher Ikenna Enechukwu signs with Atlanta Pelissero.
  • Delta State offensive lineman Nick Melsop signs with the Chargers, according to Pelissero. The deal includes a $10,000 signing bonus.
  • UTSA CB Corey Mayfield Jr signs with Ravens, according to Pelissero.
  • Kansas forward Earl Bostick Jr. signs with the Cowboys. Pelissero. The deal includes a guaranteed $220,000.
  • Florida A&M EDGE Isaiah Land signs with the Dallas Cowboys. Michael Gelken.
  • West Florida wide receiver David Durden signed with the Cowboys. gelken.
  • Tennessee tight end Princeton Fant signs with the Cowboys. gelken.
  • Arkansas WR Matt Landers signs with the Seattle Seahawks Pelissero.
  • Syracuse kicker Andre Schmit signs with the Bears. Pelissero.
  • QB Nolan Henderson of Delaware signs with the Baltimore Ravens through his agent. Brett Tessler.
  • BYU running back Chris Brooks signs with the Dolphins. Barry Jackson.
  • Toledo midfielder Dionte Johnson has signed with the New York Giants. Pelissero.
  • Texas Tech RB Sarodoric Thompson signs with Saints, according to Pelissero.
  • Cincinnati linebacker Ivan Pace has signed with the Vikings. Greg Auman.
  • Oregon WR Chase Cota signs with Lions, according to Pelissero.
  • Pokey Wilson, Florida, signs with the Chargers. Pelissero.
  • UCLA guard Aziz Hearn has signed with the Raiders. Pelissero.
  • Gardner-Webb WR TJ Luther signs with the Jets. Aaron Wilson.
  • Alabama CBA Eli Ricks signed with the Eagles. Matt Zenith.
  • CB LSU Colby Richardson signs with Panthers, according to Pelissero.
  • Oklahoma DT Jalen Redmond also signs with Carolina. Pelissero.
  • Pittsburgh OG Gabe Howey signs with Bears, according to Pelissero.
  • SMU OG Jaylon Thomas signs with Ravens, according to Pelissero.
  • Minnesota OLB Thomas Rush signs with the Tennessee Titans, according to Pelissero, for $175,000. guaranteed.
  • Kansas DT Caleb Simpson signs with Colts, according to Pelissero.
  • UCF CB Divaad Wilson signs with Jacksonville Jaguars. Pelissero.
  • Mitchell Tinsley, WR Penn State signs with Washington Commanders, according to Pelissero.
  • Purdue defenseman Reese Taylor has signed with the Chiefs. Pelissero.
  • Army pass rusher Andre Carter II, who made headlines in the first round this season, has signed with the Minnesota. Garafolo.
  • Eastern Kentucky linebacker T.K. McClendon Jr. signs with the Titans. Pelissero.
  • We have signed a defender! Iowa FB Monte Pottebaum signs with Steelers, according to Pelissero.
  • App State running back Cameroon Peoples signing Carolina for Pelissero.
  • South Alabama WR Jalen Wayne signs with Bills, according to Pelissero.
  • Indiana midfielder Cam Jones has signed with the Chiefs. Pelissero. The deal includes a $15,000 signing bonus and a $135,000 guaranteed base salary.
  • Coastal Carolina DT Jerrod Clark signs with the Chargers. Pelissero.
  • Kentucky OL Tashon Manning signs with Ravens for Pelissero.
  • Illinois quarterback Tommy DeVito signs with the Giants. Pelissero.
  • East Carolina quarterback Holton Ahlers signed with the Seahawks. Pelissero.
  • Pittsburgh DE Habakkuk Baldonado signs with Giants for Art Stapleton.
  • Liberty OLB Darrell Johnson signs with the Cowboys. Pelissero.

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Cleveland Browns hope draft class adds competition to win season: 3 conclusions



BEREA – Andrew Berry made a deal.

It took the Browns’ general manager until their eighth and final pick, no. 229 overall in the seventh round to finally get rid of one of the picks he started the weekend. For a general manager who has built a reputation for spinning and trading on draft day with seven draft-day trades in the previous three drafts, it’s been a dull couple of days.

Ultimately, the only small step taken was to give up his last pick of the year in order to be picked at the end of the round next year. That would give them eight more picks in the 2024 draft, the last without a first-round pick due to last year’s Deshawn Watson trade.

Brown’s draft pick: Old relationships connect new teammates

It still leaves them with seven new rookies on this year’s list. Those are seven relatively young players to add to a still relatively young squad that will face hopes of winning in the fall.

Tennessee wide receiver Cedric Tillman carries the ball he was given during the pre-game senior team awards ceremony ahead of the game in Missouri, Saturday, November 12, 2022.

“Well, hopefully we’ve taken a big step forward,” Berry said Saturday after the draft concluded. “I mean, I think that any player that you bring into the organization, whether it’s through a draft, whether it’s through free agency, whether it’s through a trade, or in any other way, you hope that it will be easier for you to raise the floor and/or ceiling. position group. We have the same aspirations for this class of seven players, but we have to wait and see until they hit the grass.”

So what about this draft class? Now that it’s complete, here are three takeaways from the seven new Browns.

Size was clearly a factor in Andrew Berry’s decision.

Berry spoke after taking Tennessee wide receiver Cedric Tillman and Baylor defenseman Siaki Ika in the third round on Friday about their size. He then spun with the Browns’ very first pick in Saturday’s fourth round at No. 1.111 overall, and took a giant offensive tackle from Ohio State Dawand Jones.

Jones checks in at 6’8¼ and weighs 374 pounds. Berry called him a “modern-day Goliath” and said he was a “big killer whale”.

Ohio State forward Dawand Jones (R) blocks Dalén Stovall of Toledo on September 17, 2022.

Ohio State forward Dawand Jones (R) blocks Dalén Stovall of Toledo on September 17, 2022.

Another fourth-round pick, Missouri quarterback Isaiah McGuire, is also in a big box. He is 6-4⅜ tall and weighs 268 pounds.

“All four players that we liked in their places and I would also say that even though they have chosen bigger bodies, they are not just big guys who can’t move,” Berry said of the first four picks. . “This is something we will always prioritize because I really think the NFL is becoming more and more of a space game. If you have strong sports players in any group of positions, you will take them.”

Jim Schwartz and Deshawn Watson get help on their side of the ball

New defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is being asked to do more than just update the Browns’ circuit. He does the same with their staff.

It began with the signing of free agents such as defensemen Dalvin Tomlinson and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, as well as defenseman Juan Thornhill. This continued as the Browns selected two strong guards in Icky and McGuire, and added a cornerback in Northwestern’s Cameron Mitchell, a No.

Baylor linebacker Shiaki Ika participates in positional drills.

Baylor linebacker Shiaki Ika participates in positional drills.

It was like steps taken to support the attack, both through free will and conscription. In the first case, Watson was given three new targets and Tillman provided another weapon to use.

“The idea that Jim is aiming for size is not really true,” Berry said. “He is looking for good players. With Deshawn, I think any team that has a quarterback and feels set up for that position wants to make sure they’re surrounded by people who can help highlight his skills. into it with a specific plan that was to lead the attack, or the other side was going to manage the defense. We were looking for good players who ultimately fit our vision.”

The SEC remains one of Andrew Berry’s favorite conferences to find talent.

The Browns partly brushed off criticism for ignoring the football factory in Ohio State by taking Jones and then center Luke Wypler in the sixth round at No. 1. 190. These two Buckeyes have increased the total number of players drafted by the team since their revival. in 1999, to six.

They continued to believe that Berry was very fond of the players who played in the Southeast Conference. Of the seven players they selected, three were affiliated with the SEC.

Ika spent his first season playing on the 2019 LSU National Championship team before following Dave Aranda, his defensive coordinator, to Baylor. Meanwhile, Tillman and McGuire had apparently played their entire careers in the conference.

Missouri linebacker Isaiah McGuire takes on Kentucky running back Chris Rodriguez Jr. in the first quarter of a 2022 game.

Missouri linebacker Isaiah McGuire takes on Kentucky running back Chris Rodriguez Jr. in the first quarter of a 2022 game.

Those four give the Browns 19 SEC players.

“SEC, I think this is the best conference,” Tillman said. “Week after week you compete against the best teams, the best opponents. Tennessee was great. Like you said, great fan base. They really care about their volunteers. Brown. Now I’m going to accept this fan group and let’s go.”

Chris Easterling can be contacted at Learn more about the Browns at Follow him on Twitter at @ceasterlingABJ.

This article originally appeared in Akron Beacon Journal: Cleveland Browns turn to draft class to add competition to roster

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The Nuggets swept the Timberwolves in the series, with Nikola Jokic’s triple-double leading in Game 5



The Denver Nuggets had to crush the Minnesota Timberwolves in Game 5, but it was worth it as they won 112–109 to win the series and advance to the next round.

The Nuggets will now be waiting for the winner of the #1. 4 tournament, the Phoenix Suns and the No. 5 Los Angeles Clippers series in which the Suns lose 3-1.

The Timberwolves’ desperation was great and it showed throughout the game as they weren’t about to walk away without a fight. The game was tied at 102 with 1:46 left in the fourth quarter, with neither team able to break away.


No. 27 Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets celebrates in Game 5 of the 2023 NBA Playoffs against the Minnesota Timberwolves on April 25, 2023 at the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado. (Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images)

That was until Nikola Jokic landed back-to-back shots to make the game 109-104. The first was a valiant effort when he bounced the ball back twice on the original float he missed to give the nuggets a slight advantage. He then landed a patented four-foot hook after missing Anthony Edwards at the other end.

It was also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity after Carl-Anthony Towns fouled on the sidelines and Jokic hit him to give the Nuggets a five-point margin. Towns left the game with 26 points on 9 of 17 from the field, 11 rebounds and three assists.

It was a lead they would not give up and they would continue on their way to the final.


However, the Timberwolves didn’t lay down with less than 30 seconds left. Mike Conley dug in a 28-foot three to pull back two points. Edwards did the same, dropping seven feet after Bruce Brown (14 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists) returned the Nuggets to a four-point lead.

They even had a chance to level the score and send him into overtime with 2.5 seconds left on three points. But Edwards’ shot missed, and the Nuggets began to celebrate.

Karl-Anthony Towns hits the basket

Karl-Anthony Towns #32 of the Minnesota Timberwolves took on Aaron Gordon #50 of the Denver Nuggets in the first quarter during NBA Playoffs 5th Round 1st Round game at Ball Arena on April 25, 2023 in Denver. state of Colorado. (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Jokic ended the game with 28 points, 17 rebounds and 12 assists for an impressive triple-double. He also had two interceptions and two defensive blocks.

Jamal Murray also lost 35 points to lead the Nuggets, including 5-of-9 3-pointers and a perfect 6-of-6 from a charity streak.

In Minnesota, Edwards finished with 29 points on 13-of-26 from the field, although he missed all six of his three-point attempts. He also totaled eight rebounds and seven assists with two blocks on the other end.

Rudy Gobert also fouled for the Wolves, scoring 16 points and 15 rebounds for a double-double.

Jamal Murray, Nikola Jokic and Aaron Gordon on the court

Jamal Murray (27) of the Denver Nuggets reacts to the Nuggets taking the lead along with teammates Nikola Jokic (15) and Aaron Gordon (50) during the second quarterback against the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Ball Arena in Denver on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 . (Aaron Ontiverose/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)


While the Nuggets go further, the Timberwolves will be back to the drawing board to see how they can move further into the playoffs next season.

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Pop star concert to be rescheduled after Game 6 at Hawks Arena gets double booked



With star guard Dejont Murray face to face with the hostile Boston crowd, few believed in hawks‘ ability to win Game 5 on Tuesday night to extend the streak and send the action back to Atlanta.

Apparently, the Hawks’ own home arena was among the doubters.

Trae Youngheroism and CelticsThe crash of the fourth quarter saved Atlanta’s season and created an awkward situation for the people running State Farm Arena. The sixth game will take place on Thursday, but, by the will of fate, another event was scheduled in the building that evening: a concert by Janet Jackson.

Jackson is currently on the “Together Again” tour, which kicked off earlier this month in Hollywood and will run across the US until mid-June. The Hawks’ season hasn’t ended yet, and the scheduling conflict has thankfully been resolved: Jackson’s concert has been rescheduled for a day on Friday. This was reported by Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report. after Atlanta’s season-saving victory, 119–117.

While Jackson fans who were planning to see the five-time Grammy winner perform will likely be disappointed to have to wait all day, now Atlanta music and basketball fans will have two back-to-back events not to be missed. night. Sounds like a win-win for everyone involved.

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